Sacred Wheel Cheese Shop

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Hungry right now?

We serve a variety of delicious, made-to-order soups, sandwiches, and daily specials — made with love and guaranteed to have you coming back to the shop again and again.

Mac n’ Cheese

Served with sweet cock sauce
A perfect blend of hot & sweet, just like you

Bernie Mac

½ lb. seared mac n’ cheese square


Dirty Mac

Bernie Mac smothered in Sri-roppy Joe


Sleazy Mac

Dirty Mac plus an egg over easy


Piggy Mac

Bernie Mac smothered in sweet tea pulled pork


Sleazy P

Piggy Mac plus an egg over easy


Tuna Mac

Bernie Mac topped with tuna salad plus tomato & melted cheese


Grilled Cheese Trinity

Daily selection of three cheeses – can be made vegan!

$7.00 whole/ $3.50 half

Specialty Sandwiches

Served with a side of slaw

All Night Lonza

Pork Lonza, honey ham, Gruyere, spicy mustard & pickles on sourdough


Paul Reuben

Beef pastrami, Gruyere, house-made kraut, Thousand Island & spicy mustard on light rye


Sri-roppy Joe

Sriracha Sloppy Joe served on a toasted holla roll


Killer Tofu

Marinated tofu, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mayo & spicy mustard on Texas Toast – can be made vegan!


Tofu 2.0

Killer Tofu, add Cheese Trinity & pickles


Tofu 2.5

Killer Tofu, Add Miyoko’s vegan cheese & pickles, no mayo, plus side of vegan pasta salad or quinoa salad


Sweet Tea Pulled Pork

Served on a toasted holla roll


Tuna Melt

Tuna salad made with sriracha, bacon, ranch, Edamer & tomato on sourdough


Pimento Cheese

House-made Pimento Cheese, pickles & tomatoes on Texas Toast


Loafin’ Around

Meatloaf with Edamer, mayo & spicy mustard on Texas Toast


Grilled Cheese & Soup Combos

Grilled Cheese Trinity

Daily selection of three cheeses on your choice of Sourdough, Rye or Texas Toast


Tomato Soup

Made with Pabst Blue Ribbon

or Soup of the Day

Full Combo $11.00 / Half Combo $7.00


Bowl of Soup $6.00 / Cup of Soup $4.00

Served with toast


Miyoko’s locally made vegan cheese available


Gluten-free bread and buns available

add $1.50

Extras & Sides

Mixed Green Salad

Carrots, cucumbers, kidney beans & house-made vinaigrette; served with toast


Pasta Salad (8 oz.)

Fusilli pasta, balsamic onions, tomatoes & herbs; served with toast


Quinoa Salad (8 oz.)

Artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, hearts of palm, onion & lentils; served with toast


Crispy Cheese Bread

A savory bread pudding made with a variety of cheeses, bacon, jalapeños, onions & garlic, seared to perfection


Side of Slaw (8 oz.)

Cabbage & such in mayo & pineapple juice


Pickled Egg


Crunchy Dill Pickle Spears


Side of Pimento Cheese (2 oz.)


Put an Egg on It (Fried or Pickled)


House-made Bacon Spread

A delightful spread made with bacon, onions, garlic & brown sugar. Great on everything!


Add pickles, tomato or jalapeños


Add cheese


Add meat


Add Pulled Pork, Sri-roppy Joe, or Tuna Salad


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